Pressure Deterrence

Dina brings a pressure washer outside as a deterrent to the strike, but she ends of blasting a hole through Glenn’s car window. While the goal is to convince the other employees to quit, Glenn ends up bearing the full cost of her deterrent.

Labor Principles

Determining Shift Assignments

Amy asks Garett to finish the shift assignments, but he’d rather finish eating his lunch. Mateo jumps at the opportunity to make shift assignments and provide retribution for wrongs that have been done.

Labor Labor Law

The Employees Go on Strike

A lot of the employees walked out while on their shift in the hopes of getting Glenn his job back. The regional manager has arrived and is working with Jonah and Amy to see how they can get the employees back to work. Initially, Amy and Jonah ask only for Glenn to have is job back, but they must sign a letter saying that they apologize for walking out. While it seems like a small request, they decide that the employees really deserve more. Part of the goal of unionization is to turn a competitive labor market into a monopoly provider of labor. Through collective bargaining, Amy and Jonah demand more for their group.

Consumer Choice & Behavioral crime Principles

A Truck with No Radio

As Dina and Amy go searching for Bo, Amy notices that Dina doesn’t have a radio in her truck. It turns out that Dina special-ordered her truck without a radio (even though it costs more) because she believes it would make her truck less appealing to potential thieves. If criminals behave rationally (which Gary Becker argued that most do), a truck without a radio wouldn’t be worth the potential cost associated with car theft. Dina has removed the incentive to steal her truck.