Semi-Functional Cameras

Dina is walking around the store with Bo, sharing some of the resources Cloud 9 has invested in to deter crime. Only half of he cameras are actually function, and the security guard isn’t holding an actual weapon, but potential criminals don’t know that. The goal is to give the illusion that a criminal would be caught.


Discrimination a la Becker

While Amy is a bit confused with her new love interest, her coworkers are debating the necessary requirements to be considered racist. In Becker’s discrimination model, firms are assumed to have preferences for one group of workers relative to others. In the taste for discrimination model, firms demand more workers from a preferred group. Dina nicely points out, “Isn’t having a preference the definition of racism?”

Consumer Choice & Behavioral crime Principles

A Truck with No Radio

As Dina and Amy go searching for Bo, Amy notices that Dina doesn’t have a radio in her truck. It turns out that Dina special-ordered her truck without a radio (even though it costs more) because she believes it would make her truck less appealing to potential thieves. If criminals behave rationally (which Gary Becker argued that most do), a truck without a radio wouldn’t be worth the potential cost associated with car theft. Dina has removed the incentive to steal her truck.