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Voting to Fire Coworkers

Glenn needs to fire 6 employees before the end of the day, and he decides to let the employees vote who they want to see terminated. Their voting method appears to be based on a majority rules system.

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Paid Maternity Leave

The employees almost start a debate on the merits of public healthcare in the US when Cheyenne almost goes into labor in the store. She would like to take time off for herself, but she feels she needs to keep working in order to save as much money as possible for when she has to take time off after the baby is born. In other countries, this decision isn’t usually necessary since maternity leave is provided by the government.

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The Life of an Insurance Fund

When Mateo gets sick, Jonah comes up with an insurance fund to help cover employee medical bills because the store does not offer health insurance. The team members join the plan because it only costs $20 each month, but Jonah has promised to pay previous medical bills. Jonah and Amy quickly find out each team member, especially Sandra, has a lot of pre-existing conditions and they realize that they can’t cover everyone’s costs at one time. The two try to break the two groups apart, but the members in the pre-existing condition group will have to pay significantly more to cover all their costs.

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Election Day

It’s election day and Cloud 9 has placed pamphlets in the break room encouraging employees to vote for anti-union candidates. Cloud 9 knows that unionization could result in much higher labor costs, so they spend that money to encourage workers to not form a union. This form of managerial opposition is part of the explanation for the decline in unionization rates in the United States.