Purposeful Injury

After Mateo is injured on the job, other employees share how much they were paid to not sue the corporate office. When Marcus cut his finger, he was given $500, but Sandra was given $1,000 for her injury. Marcus then decides to injure himself so that he can collect more money to help finance his new business (see clip above). The corporate office paid employees to sign a liability waiver as an incentive to avoid lawsuits, but now employees are trying to injure themselves for the money.


Pressure Deterrence

Dina brings a pressure washer outside as a deterrent to the strike, but she ends of blasting a hole through Glenn’s car window. While the goal is to convince the other employees to quit, Glenn ends up bearing the full cost of her deterrent.

Market Structures Principles

Discount for Damaged Goods

Cloud 9 won’t sell products that have been damaged, which seems like a good policy. Unfortunately, this means that if an employee wanted to take something, they just have to accidentally damage it. Glenn is frustrated with Cloud 9 and destroys some of the alcohol by marking the bottles with a marker. He declares it party time, sponsored by his family’s old store (Sturgis and Sons) which had been driven out of business when Cloud 9 entered the market.