Game Theory Labor

Incentivizing Steps

Glenn and Dina hand out step trackers in the break room and announce a corporate competition to see which store has the most steps at the end of the week. The incentive to motivate the employees? Lunch with a regional vice president. The employees doesn’t seem all that motivated until later in the episode when the stores begin to communicate through a leaderboard and messaging system, or so it seems! Amy and Jonah enter fake messages from the Bel-Ridge store in an attempt to motivate their branch.

Labor Principles

Referral Incentives

Cloud 9 has a policy of giving employees $1 for every Blue Card Rewards customer they sign up. Glen tried to email the customer list to apologize for a viral video filmed in the store, but a lot of the email addresses came back as undeliverable. Glenn questions Mateo about possibly signing up fake customers to get the $1 incentive, but Mateo denies that he would do something like this.