Automating a Manager

Glenn is feeling a bit useless since he isn’t able to fix the heating system that’s pumping too much hot air into the store. Cheyenne tries cheering him up by listing all the things Glenn does to help his employees, but it turns out that a lot of the things Cheyenne mentions are actually controlled automatically. Routine tasks, like unlocking doors at the same time every day, are the easiest tasks to be replaced with automation.

Labor Supply & Demand

Handheld Automation

Corporate has created new devices for customers to use that will allow them to look up where items are located in the store, scan the items, and pay for their total. The employees quickly point out that the device essentially replaces the workers and they are left wondering what that means for them. Dina tries to point out the relationship between ATMs and bank tellers, although she doesn’t have it exactly right.

At the end of the clip, Amy points out that corporate has also asked the stores to cut back employee hours, which implies that the new machines are replacing some of the labor in the store.