College as an Adult

The employees are locked in the store after hours while hanging up signs, but Amy laments that she has more important things to do: she has a midterm to study for. Trying to be relatable, Jonah reminisces about his time in college: getting drunk and having philosophical debates. It begs the question of how much human capital accumulation actually occurs and provides some support for the signaling model. Amy is treating college like an investment, so she resents Jonah’s downplaying of its importance.


A customer is checking out at the pharmacy, but asks Tate if he can ring up just a few more items. Even though is main job is a pharmacist, he obliges the customer. With a long line behind the customer, Tate recognizes that his Doctorate of Pharmacy is probably better spent helping his customers with medical needs rather than helping the customer avoid another line at the front of the store.