Lost & Found Scavenger Hunt

The employees have a yearly ritual where they pick something randomly from the lost and found box. They could not donate the items to Goodwill because Goodwill considered the collection to be trash. The corporate office told their branch to get rid of the lost and found items but did not give them any direction on how to do it. Almost all of the employees select different bad items, but Amy actually ends up with a pretty nice leather jacket. She trades it to Mateo to get him to stop complaining.

Labor Statistics Supply & Demand

Winning the Lottery

What would you do if you won the lottery? This clip fits nicely with two different sections of an economics course. The first is how people respond to income increases in terms of purchasing normal goods or luxury goods. For labor economics, this discussion is a good segue to discussion how increases in income decrease the time people devote to work assuming leisure is a normal good.