Consumer Choice & Behavioral Labor

Leisure While Single

Amy is single again and is talking about the new things she wants to do with her free time. She’s bought some plants and wants to start doing puzzle games, but her coworkers don’t seem all that excited for her. Tastes and preferences are an important factor in analyzing markets.

Consumer Choice & Behavioral Principles

A Demotion for Love

Dina has had a crush on Jonah for a while, but Jonah was always able to avoid the situation because he said he wasn’t comfortable dating a supervisor. He shares this news with his friend, shortly before the store manager announces that Dina has decided to step down as assistant manager so that she can focus on personal matters. Either-or decisions of this matter require people to weigh the costs and benefits of actions. Some of the costs for Dina include not being able to criticize Glenn, a reduction of her authority, and likely a pay reduction. She must believe that the benefits of dating Jonah outweigh those costs.