Inequality Labor

Cloud 9 Budgeting

After requesting a raise from the district manager, Amy now has to sit through a financial planning workshop with her boss and the other employees. The employees quickly point out that the budget Glenn is presenting doesn’t have line items for things like food, childcare, or healthcare. The clip ends with Glen suggesting that the employees seek government assistance to support their low income.

Consumer Choice & Behavioral Principles Supply & Demand

Consumption vs. Savings

Bo and Cheyenne are shopping for wedding supplies in the store. Bo really wants to buy some laptops so they can smash them during the wedding as a form of entertainment. Amy is shocked because she knows how expensive it is to raise a child and believes that the couple should be saving the money instead of spending it on one day. Amy tricks Bo into playing a game with a price gun so that Bo and Cheyenne can see how expensive a child can be. People struggle to recognize the opportunity costs in their decisions, but Amy has made the cost more salient.