Labor Supply & Demand

Discount Surrogacy

Glenn has found a potential surrogate online, but it seems more like he may be interviewing a kidnapper. While he believes he’s interviewing a potential surrogate, he goes through the process of identifying her reservation wage. A reservation wage is the lowest amount that a worker is willing to accept. He mentions that he and his wife only have $20,000, which the surrogate agrees to. He then lowers it to $15,000 and she still is willing to accept it. When he tries to go down to $10,000 she notes that it’s too low. Because Glenn is willing to pay $20,000 for a surrogate, any price below that will result in consumer surplus for his family.


Santa Reservation Wages

Glenn announces a winner of the search for the store’s new Santa position. When the winner asks about the salary, Glenn tells him that he will be paid in smiles and wonder and so many other things. The winner quits, along with almost everyone else. There is one person who stays: an employee of the store.