Toxic Correlation

After realizing that Cloud 9 may be a toxic work environment, Glenn is having a hard time figuring out how to fix the situation. As a backstory, Kelly has been trying to transfer stores, but Glenn won’t let her. Jonah helps Kelly by convincing Glenn that Kelly is actually the reason the store has become so toxic. Jonah is hoping that Glenn will transfer Kelly to a different store. At first he doesn’t believe it, but Jonah is successful in getting Glenn to believe in Kelly as the cause rather than the corollary.

Health Principles

Curing an Ear Infection

Mateo has come down with an ear infection and everyone in the store has a way of curing it. While some recommendations are more appropriate than others, each believes that their method will cause Mateo’s ear infection to be cured. The problem? They’re mixing up correlation with causation. Each of them believe their method will cause the ear infection to diminish, but they may only be experiencing a correlation.